The Parable of the Rooster

The Parable of the Rooster

The rooster had a severe case of elusion of grandeur. He believed that he was superior to everyone in every way. It first became evident right after hatching. He packed all the other chicks into submission. He lorded it over all the others. This he continued to do when he became a rooster.

He not only pecked the other chickens. He also attacked them with his spurs until the others were blooded and fled away.

The rooster did not even allow the other cocks to crow. In the morning, he alone announced the start of the new day or the setting of the sun.

During feeding time, he satiated himself first before letting the others eat his leftovers.

At night, he perched on the highest branch of the tree. The others d themselves with lower levels.

Unfortunately, the rooster grew bigger than the rest. He even became more domineering and aggressive. Attempts to fight him were disastrous and futile. He sent all the challengers fleeing for their lives.

After lording it over the whole poultry, he turned his attention to the other animals. So he became bullied the dogs and the cats. Because of his wings, he swooped into the canines and felines from behind. His beaks and spurs scared those that presented a semblance of resistance.

Then the rooster challenged the goats. They were docile and even more easy to dominate.

He flew and landed at the back of the carabao. “I am taller than you,” the rooster said. “Now I am your master. You must do my bidding. I command you to parade me around.” The carabao ambled about as though to herald the lord of the domesticated animal kingdom.

But the rooster was not satisfied. His successful triumphs over the other animals emboldened him. He wanted total dominance.

“Since I now control all the animals in this land,” the rooster proclaimed, “I will now control man. They too will be under my command.”

With that, the rooster attacked the first woman who passed by. But it was not too easy. For the woman quickly grabbed him in the neck. No matter how strongly he wriggled his body and flapped its wings, the woman’s grip only got tighter. Not only that, the more he moved, the more pain he felt on his neck.

The woman marched directly to her kitchen and before the rooster knew what was happening, his head was chopped off.

That evening, the lord of all was part of a steaming tinola.


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