One thought on “Ralkina Jones Video: ‘I Don’t Want To Die In Your Cell’

  1. There’s also video footage of Ralkina Jones BEFORE being arrested attacking her EX-HUSBAND WITH A TIRE IRON. He was at work on a break. He works at Sava-a-lot. Ralkina also had her 12-year daughter in the back seat of her car. Then, Ralkina attempted to run over her ex-husband! At any time was Ralkina even thinking about her own medical issues? Not likely. The only thing she was thinking of was to injure/assault/kill her ex however she could. Be it with a tire iron or vehicle. He suffered injuries to his arms, chest, and face at the hands of a psychotic black female.

    These types of black females are just as feral and out of control as black males, if not more. They assume that they have the right to say and/or do whatever they want to whomever they want. NOT! What needs to be discussed is Ralkina’s state of mind. How long or how often had she been a raging lunatic? And why did she approach her ex husband with so much hostility and anger?

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