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As an instrument for friendship and camaraderie among schools, our mission is to empower the youth by providing them with a common platform where they can showcase their journalistic skills as well as share their thoughts on current issues that affect them.
Our paper features news stories, student editorial, campus events, fashion trends, food, gadgets, music, and literature contributed by students and some members of the academe.

Transcript of “Layouting Your School Paper”
2. PARTS OF A NEWSPAPERPARTS OF A NEWSPAPER  Front PageFront Page  Editorial PageEditorial Page  Feature PageFeature Page  Literary PageLiterary Page  Sports PageSports Page
3. FRONT PAGEFRONT PAGE  NameplateNameplate  EarsEars  BannerBanner  HeadlineHeadline
4.  DeckDeck  ColumnsColumns  Column ruleColumn rule
5.  IndexIndex  FolioFolio * In place of date, volume and issue number, write your year and section, school year, and quarter.
6.  Cutline and CreditlineCutline and Creditline REQUIEM FOR HEROES. Rescuers dig out of the muddy rubble the bodies of a fireman, an engineer and a volunteer who died trying to save the victims of a landslide at Sitio Buyagan in La Trinidad, Benguet, on Friday. EV ESPIRITU/INQUIRER NORTHERN LUZON
7. BylineByline 150 die in Benguet slide Baby’s body in sack moves mayor to cry By Delmar Cariño, Vincent Cabreza, Frank Cimatu
8. EDITORIAL PAGEEDITORIAL PAGE  FolioFolio (Write the school year,(Write the school year, quarter and page numberquarter and page number insteadinstead.).)  Editorial cartoonEditorial cartoon
9.  Editorial linerEditorial liner • A short statement/A short statement/ a quote/a quote/ a sayinga saying • Written at the bottomWritten at the bottom of the editorial pageof the editorial page • Drives home a messageDrives home a message EDITORIAL LINER
10. Letter to the editorLetter to the editor
11. Masthead/Masthead/ Editorial boxEditorial box Editorial ProperEditorial Proper Editorial CartoonEditorial Cartoon
12.  Editorial ColumnEditorial Column • Personal opinion by the columnist himselfPersonal opinion by the columnist himself • May attack, teach, entertain, or appealMay attack, teach, entertain, or appeal
13. Characteristics of an Editorial PageCharacteristics of an Editorial Page  Dignified and formal appearanceDignified and formal appearance  Small masthead or editorial boxSmall masthead or editorial box  Larger types for editorial properLarger types for editorial proper  Masculine appearance (not the italic or theMasculine appearance (not the italic or the script type)script type)
14. FEATURE PAGEFEATURE PAGE  Article TopicsArticle Topics • Arts and leisureArts and leisure • ReligionReligion • EntertainmentEntertainment • ComicsComics • ReviewsReviews
15. Parts of a Feature PageParts of a Feature Page  Section’s nameSection’s name  FolioFolio  Columns/ feature articlesColumns/ feature articles  BylineByline  PhotosPhotos  CaptionsCaptions
16. Characteristics of Feature andCharacteristics of Feature and Literary PagesLiterary Pages  Feminine appearance ( e.g. italics andFeminine appearance ( e.g. italics and script types)script types)  Wider columns (usually 3 wide columns)Wider columns (usually 3 wide columns)
17. LITERARY PAGELITERARY PAGE Article Types:Article Types:  PoemsPoems  Short storyShort story
19. Layouting is dressing up a windowLayouting is dressing up a window..
20. Layout Definitions •Make-up or window dressing of a page •Arrangement of illustrations, texts and graphics on a page to be printed •Selection of font styles, sizes and colors
21. Importance of Layout •Gives prominence to the news in proportion to its importance •Makes the pages appear attractive •Gives the paper a personality/individuality of its own •Makes the different contents easy to find and read
22. Conceptual Model of An Excellent Layout
24.  The content of every page and of every double page spread should blend into a harmonious unit.  Headlines should complement each
25.  Pictures should not distract the eye too much from the type.  No one part of the page should overshadow entirely another part of a page, although there should be one dominant point of interest.
27.  Pages should not seem top or bottom heavy.  They should not lean to the left or to the right  Perfect balance is achieved by having like units balancing
29.  Display news according to its importance.  The news value of every story must determine its page in the newspaper, its position on a page, and the size and style of headline it is to have.
30.  Do not distort the news value of a story by giving it a more important position or a larger headline than it deserves.  All stories on page one should be more important than other stories, except
31.  The upper right-hand corner of the first page is usually considered the most important position. The upper left is second.  Positions above the fold are more important than below, boldface type gives more prominence than light-face- type.
33.  The general format of the paper must be in pleasing proportion.  The body of a story should occupy at least twice as much space as the
34.  Banner headlines should be used only when the news really justifies them. Pictures must be sized properly.
35. The lengths of articles should be considered. Although you should try to avoid jump stories, a jump story is better than a poorly-
37.  Effective makeup should not be stiff or monotonous. One of the chief criticisms of perfect balance makeup is that there is no movement. Everything is balanced.
39.  Both light and dark headlines should be used. Every head and cut on a page should contrast with
40. Contrasting adjacent headlines will help to emphasize the importance of each other. Boxes and pictures between heads are sometimes good makeup
41. Extraneous factors that harm anExtraneous factors that harm an excellent layoutexcellent layout  TombstoningTombstoning -placing two or more headlines-placing two or more headlines on approximately the same level specially ifon approximately the same level specially if they are of the same font size and typethey are of the same font size and type H1 H3 H4 H2 *Put a cut /picture between columns; use different font size and style for headlines.
42.  Bad breaksBad breaks – breaking stories to the top of– breaking stories to the top of columns.columns. H1 H2 H3 *The top of every column should have a*The top of every column should have a headline or a cut.headline or a cut.
43.  Separating related stories and picturesSeparating related stories and pictures News story( H2) H2 Cut or picture for H2
44.  Gray areas or sea of grayGray areas or sea of gray *Use fillers instead*Use fillers instead..
45.  Screaming headline –Screaming headline – one that isone that is too big for atoo big for a short or unimportant storyshort or unimportant story H2 H1 H3 H4 *Use only the banner or streamer structure for the most important headline.
46.  Heavy topsHeavy tops ( Don’t make the page top heavy.)( Don’t make the page top heavy.) H1 H2 H3 *Proportion texts and pictures.
47.  Fit them allFit them all *Avoid many headlines of the same size on a*Avoid many headlines of the same size on a page.page. *There should only be 5- 7 headlines on the front*There should only be 5- 7 headlines on the front page.page.  Placing small heads on rather long storyPlacing small heads on rather long story *This refers to headline font size.*This refers to headline font size. *Proportion headline font size or type to the news*Proportion headline font size or type to the news story length.story length.
48. Layout DesignsLayout Designs  The X FormatThe X Format
49.  The Curve FormatThe Curve Format
50.  The L FormatThe L Format
51.  The J FormatThe J Format
52.  The Umbrella FormatThe Umbrella Format

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