_One of the Famous Greatest Leaders

Nelson Mandela
+3Nelson Mandela is the Greatest leader of all time! Forgiving his enemy on release from prison after 27 yrs, encouraging and leading the quest for reconciliation not only in South Africa but all over the world. So it is obvious that it is him that ruled over the greatest empire of all time. He conquered the world without a single shot! Even his enemies bowed to him. His principles cut across all and every kind of boundary.
+6Only truly evil people, who are racist, extremist, ignorant, intolerant, xenophobic, imperialist, anti-immigrant, cancerous, Zionist, warmongering, capitalist, globalist, threatening, support the evil apartheid system and bigoted, who disagree with the fact that Nelson Mandela is a true freedom fighter for his beloved Bafana Bafana/South Africa, hate humanity, should consider comitting suicide or run themselves under a bus.
Nelson Mandela was the great social reformer…
[Newest]Great person who lived his life for society…mandela

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